Benefits in the purchase of mortgage portfolio

When you see cats to hide your monthly expenses plus among them is the share of the mortgage loan. Then, you can consider buying mortgage portfolio.

This means of funding is offered by most of the state’s financial institutions. The purpose is to enhance the economic conditions of the family members and decrease the interest rates from the mortgage loans that it has.

Financial institution that can provide a lower rate

Financial institution that can offer a lower rate

The concept with this type of credit would be to look for a financial institution that can provide a lower rate than the present one. Make the transfer associated with debt in better funding conditions and benefits.

Keys in the move of the purchase of home loan portfolio

Keys in the transfer of the purchase of mortgage portfolio

According to Legislation 546 of 1999, you are able to transfer your mortgage loan to a different entity that offers better advantages. There should be no penalty for your fact of carrying out this method. In the new loan, the particular repayment system that greatest suits the economic problems of the client must be selected. You must be very clear plus review the particular conditions of the portfolio purchase.

You should know, the percentage associated with housing financing, according to the classification is 80% VIS, and 70% No VIS.

The buy of portfolio is not suitable to types of credit which have subsidies provided by the Nationwide Government.

Additionally, it does not apply to loans which are backed by mortgages, it really is only for housing purposes.

Legal processes within the purchase of portfolio


Your diligence does not need new deeds or enrollment, as it is only a modification towards the credit.

The particular appraisal and the study associated with titles is applied proportionally to the commercial value of the house.

You must consider the approval and disbursement period, which varies between fifteen and 20 business times.

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